xcolor: LaTeX color extensions


xcolor is a LaTeX package that provides easy driver-independent access to several kinds of colors, tints, shades, tones, and mixes of arbitrary colors by means of color expressions like \color{red!50!green!20!blue}.
It allows to select a document-wide target color model and offers tools for

  • automatic color schemes,
  • conversion between twelve color models (rgb, cmy, cmyk, hsb, Hsb, tHsb, gray, RGB, HTML, HSB, Gray, wave)
  • alternating table row colors,
  • color blending,
  • color masking,
  • color separation, and
  • color wheel calculations.
See also chroma for an extensive application of xcolor.


Dr. Uwe Kern (xcolor at ukern dot de)


Latest version: v2.11 (2007/01/21)

ChangeLog14495 1 2TextHistory of changes
README1835 1 2TextInstallation instructions
xcolor.pdf.gz563228 1 2 6PDFUser manual and documentation of algorithms
xcolor.ps.gz527801 5PostScript
xcolor.dtx.gz91787 1 2LaTeX source
xcolor.ins.gz363 1 2 3LaTeX installationPackage installation file
xcolor.pro.gz910 2 3PostScriptdvips prologue file
xcolor.sty.gz14102 2 3LaTeX styleLaTeX style file
svgnam.def.gz2000 2 3LaTeX definitionLaTeX color definitions according to SVG 1.1
x11nam.def.gz2969 2 3LaTeX definitionLaTeX color definitions according to Unix/X11
xcolor1.pdf.gz381974 4PDF50-page document with several systematic color conversion examples (LaTeX + pdfLaTeX)
xcolor1.ps.gz446033 5PostScript
xcolor1.tex.gz2256 3LaTeX source
xcolor2.pdf.gz83831 1 2 6PDF3-page `pstricks' example document (LaTeX only)
xcolor2.ps.gz122801 5PostScript
xcolor2.tex.gz2330 3LaTeX source
xcolor3.pdf.gz81060 4PDF2-page example document for demonstrating several display and logging facilities (LaTeX + pdfLaTeX)
xcolor3.ps.gz83332 5PostScript
xcolor3.tex.gz2381 3LaTeX source
xcolor4.tex.gz2277 3LaTeX source1-page driver test file (LaTeX + pdfLaTeX); the archive contains dvi/ps/pdf outputs for many different drivers
xcolor4.cab499304 7Archive
xcolor211.zip745959  ArchiveDistribution package for CTAN
xcolor211.cab726362  ArchiveDistribution package for MiKTeX
xcolor211.cab725266  ArchiveTDS-compliant file collection for immediate installation
Notes: 1 Part of CTAN distribution package
2 Part of MiKTeX distribution package
3 Generated from `xcolor.dtx'
4 Processed with pdfLaTeX
5 Processed with LaTeX + dvips
6 Processed with LaTeX + dvips + Ghostscript
7 Processed with LaTeX, pdfLaTeX and several drivers and post-processors

Known issues

  • \rowcolors[\hline]... does not work with `longtable'.


New features in upcoming releases:

  • more colors

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